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"Tea is a miraculous medicine for the maintenance of health. Tea has an extraordinary power to prolong life."
Eisai, Bhuddist Monk (circa 1211)

Why is tea drinking good for health?

Tea is loaded with antioxidants that cleanse the body of free radicals, which damage good cells and cause cancer. Studies show drinking 2-5 cups of tea daily can reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar level that can lead to diabetes, can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke as well as reduce the risk of colon and other cancers linked to our digestive system.

In addition, fresh brewed tea contains fluoride for strong bones, vitamin B and has less than 1 calorie per serving.

Is green tea better than black tea?

All tea; white, green, oolong, and black are healthy. Green tea was the first tea studied because scientist wondered why there was 0-rate of esophagus and stomach cancer in Shizuoka, Japan. They discovered residents of Shizuoka drank more green tea compared to other Japanese citizens because Shizuoka is where most Japanese tea is gown. US and UK researchers conclude black tea is also a potent anti-cancer fighter.

What about tea in cans or bottles?

Canned or bottled teas are convenient but lack the antioxidants present in fresh brewed. In addition, preservatives are also added to extend the shelf life of the tea.

Herbal teas are usually designed with a specific purpose in mind. However, herbal teas do not necessarily have high levels of antioxidants.

Does tea has more caffeine than coffee?

A cup of black tea has about one-third the caffeine of an equal portion of drip coffee. Green tea, processed less than black tea, has even less caffeine. Green tea usually contains less caffeine than cola drinks and chocolate.

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